Automate inquiries and transactions with the power of voice.

mGage India’s voice products enable businesses to interact and engage with their customers with both inbound and outbound voice capabilities.


Voice Broadcast

Reach out to customers with voice broadcasting services. Easily create, schedule and broadcast programs either through our campaign manager or direct APIs.


Missed call

Remove the cost-burden and increase the response rate of your customers by enabling missed call functionality. Respond to customer missed calls in multiple ways including SMS, OBD, call back, e-mail, USSD and data (API).



Control the threat of online fraud through mGage India’s mVerify phone verification tool. Often used for Cash Delivery and communication opt-ins, mVerify ensures that the number is checked before any communications are sent or orders processed.


m-Insight (Feedback/Survey management)

Improve customer service by supporting customers through the entire service journey. m-Insight supports functionality for inbound, outbound and missed call feedback management through voice message and IVR features.