Actions speak louder than words.

Capture click metrics for any SMS campaign, just like email marketing, with a simple process that includes the Call to action as a short link in the SMS.

This short link can be links to a mobile landing page or attachments such as surveys, coupons, mobile tickets and much more. The click-throughs are tracked for customer data such as mobile number, location, device information and the time they clicked on the link, which can be downloaded in user friendly format for further analysis and profiling.

Visualize© powers Powerful Insights… and though you can get all data in a matter of seconds in exportable spread sheets… you probably won’t need them as all the insights are available on a much more visually extensive dashboard.

Make the most of your Text Real Estate & run fact driven marketing campaigns by using Visualize Links. Whether you insert web links, attachments, surveys, tickets or mobile web pages in your SMS messages, you can capture all click to action metrics and benefit from deep insights into your customers and campaign performances.

With in-depth data to profile your customer, you can segment and re-target your customers with more relevant campaigns, Monitor response rates in real-time to improve the context of messages and continuously improve your campaigns ROI. Additional facts like time of the day, location where users clicked on the link, can provide further fine tuning for all your campaigns to make them more effective.


Once your campaign has rolled out, don't just walk away to measure results. Track, Analyse, Segment and Refine.

Track each campaign and its success by tweaking it further and refining your results. Emphasise what works and Change what doesn’t. Customers don’t like getting irrelevant messages, no matter how text-happy they are. Segmentation is an on-going fine-tuning process that needs to be analysed and updated on a continual basis.

Knowing the best time to send offers & alerts - By tracking Days of the week or Time of the day, when the campaign is most effective, (e.g. deciding ‘Manic Monday offers’, ‘Friday Frenzy’ offers, etc.) can make the critical difference between a campaign and a Highly Effective Campaign.

By targeting specific groups of users based on their Location, Retail stores or Restaurant chains can text special offers for a city or area.

Interests – Knowing what content in the message drove the customer to the attached landing page or a feedback form can be used further to make campaign more effective.

On-site behaviour - Businesses that successfully segment users based on their on-site behaviors are able to more effectively nurture customers at different stages in the consideration or purchase funnel. Tracking browsing behaviors as an extension of SMS marketing are excellent ways to segment your campaign list further. Metrics like which pages customers went to, if customer filled out a survey after clicking the link, Did customer engage in a repeat purchase etc can provide valuable insights for segmenting and retargeting your customers.

Visualise can provide you the analytical glasses to turn every ‘action’ or ‘inaction’ of your customers into an opportunity.


Where Marketing ends, Re-targeting Begins.

By identifying those who have previously interacted with your brand and selectively reaching them using more Relevant and Contextual messages, Conversion Rates and ROI can be Dramatically enhanced.

Optimize each SMS marketing campaign based on user behaviour and previous engagements. Your ROI will increase exponentially if you sync messages with the interests of each segment. For example what type of content people interacted with, what kind of products they liked or lingered on. Part of this strategy is to build trust with your prospects and customers with messages that are in context and relevant and not intrusive with frequency.

Visualise Codes can track the entire campaign from text message to purchase for a complete picture of your ROI. Right from Brand content, to product discovery till driving purchases, we use Meta deta from all your Visualize links campaigns to Retain, Engage and Reward your customers, Send offers to your customers who have bought from you or not bought yet – we gratify and remind customers about your brand, and their interactions with it.

Once you’ve segmented your audience into those who are gaining interest and those who are fully engaged, use the data to talk to each as an individual on one-to-one basis. The customer will be enthused by the personalised touch – receiving relevant and even wanted messages… Boosting Sales, Conversions and Awareness.