The Power of SMS with its 160 characters is unmatched when compared to other marketing mediums. With its unparalleled reach, SMS becomes an easy tool to measure the ROI of any campaign by tracking delivery ratio, call to action such as response to Codes, clicking on a link and thus tracking which customers follow through. With smartphones being able to support Unicode messages, reaching customers in regional languages too has added to the medium’s effectiveness.

mGage platform enables enterprises to easily integrate with Business APIs and harness the power of SMS as a medium to communicate with their target customers.

  • Home Carrier Routing with Direct Connectivity with 9 Telecom operators in India
  • Global connectivity with multiple carriers to support messages across the world
  • High delivery rate with retry mechanisms
  • Multiple Integration APIs supported (SMPP, HTTP, XML, FTP)
  • Support for Plaintext, Unicode, Binary, WAP, Flash and Port Message formats
  • Link Tracking and Retargeting
  • Real-time reporting dashboard and analytics
  • Redundant setup spread across multiple DC locations

Transactional alerts comprise 80% of our traffic, with an 50% chunk of the BSFI segment, 99.99% uptime, 60 Billion messages a year and 1500+ enterprise clients connected through our APIs, we know of no other way but to be the Most Preferred and the Most Dependable platform.

While India’s top Banks, Financial, Insurance & Logistic companies trusting mGage’s robust platform for the peace of mind that their customers WILL get the messages they expect, WHEN they expect, We have gone a step further and added some value to the plain vanilla transactional alerts, enabling them with Actionable Insights and Configurable Re-targeting.

Unparalleled in its Reach, SMS remains the Numero Uno channel of reaching out into the hands of your target audience. Built into Every Single Mobile Device on the planet, around 6 billion people, that’s 84% of the human race, uses SMS.

What’s more, a whopping 98% of texts are read (as compared to 20% of emails) and 90% of texts are opened within 3 minutes of receipt. (*According to an Oracle Marketing Study)

With 20 billion messages sent a year, 150+ carrier partners, 1500+ enterprise customers connected with our REST APIs, support for multi-lingual messaging, Real-time reporting, dynamic routing, dedicated short codes / long codes / VMNs, mGage has your mobile marketing covered no matter how far and wide you want to reach.

Design, build and flawlessly execute multi-level loyalty programs with User journeys starting from SMS but spread across multiple channels, deep actionable analytics at every step of the way, coupons management, QR codes, multi-layered points systems, user verification, profilation, communication and segmentation, all managed seamlessly.

mGage enables end-to-end loyalty programs from Opt-ins to CTA to Engagement to Analytics, using enterprise APIs to Personalize YET Automate User Engagement for creating Experiences that can transverse any channel, but always end with a happy and sticky customer.

8 Seconds. That's how long your customer will wait Max for an OTP before abandoning their action.

User mobile verification and OTP that stand the test of time, with an Active platform providing 100% uptime and a 124 million OTPs delivered within an average 2.1 seconds, we are able to make sure you come across to your customer as rock solid dependable, in any mobile network in the country.

“A customer inter-action is not an end in itself, it’s merely the beginning of a new user journey...”

Turning every action and every inaction of your customer into another opportunity, mGage offers a hybrid concoction of Programmable Automated Re-targeting options based on what your customer has done (opened, viewed, scrolled, clicked, submitted, downloaded, transacted, abandoned, exited) so they can be Re-contacted with Highly Relevant, Personalised, Contextual communication, resulting in dramatically increased conversion ratio and ROI.

As the general online experience of users gets more and more personal and tailor-made, our Re-targeting algorithms enable one-to-one individual interactions with customers fostering long-term relationships between end-users and brands.

User Engagement, the initiative of engaging a customer’s attention to the brand, lies at the core of all marketing spend and fostering sustainable relationships with customers. Whether it is collecting Feedback, RSVP, Running contests, Capturing interest, Offering gratifications, extending info-tainment, or simply Profiling your customers,

Engineering end-to-end User Engagement Campaigns using SMS as the starting leg, and then an Optimum Magic-mix of channels that Reach, Capture and Retain your customer’s attention span, be it Email, Mobile apps, Mobile web, Voice or Social media.

More than 1500+ enterprise customers trust us to design campaigns that help them engage with their customers better. Technology no bar, Creativity no bar, Reach no bar.


mGage email platform is known for high availability and scale for customers who intend dispatch high volume traffic. Whether you’re sending 100 emails or billion emails per month, our email delivery infrastructure can scale to meet your demands.

  • Advance MTAs with dedicated IP Pools and routing support
  • Scalable to High 3000 relays per second with the best deliverability
  • Multiple integration APIs (HTTP, XML, JSON, FTP, SMTP)
  • Support for HTML Emails and Plain Text Emails
  • Email Template personalisation with variable text
  • Ad insertion for displaying different Banners / Cross Selling services
  • Link Tracking and Retargeting

Mission critical email alerts with near 100% delivery rate and an assured delivery time of under 3.4 seconds*, mGage’s email platform is trusted by some of the most demanding customers across verticals for notifications that MUST reach their customer’s inbox, Come what may.

With mGage MTA setups, you choose advance email concepts like SPF, DKIM, TLS, Encryption, Anti-spoofing, DMARC and FBL that ensures your emails never land in SPAM and are delivered instantly.

If your user’s password isn’t delivered within 8 seconds to their inbox in the 1st attempt, the chances of them continuing the journey or calling for another password go down by a whopping 55%*. This is a chunk of users you don’t want to lose.

mGage’s 99.9% delivery rate ensures your users will have their OTP in their inbox before they can open their emails, and THAT is what they expect from a brand they want to trust with their business. Simple.

Emails remain an important part of the marketing mix for enterprise users since it can generate one of the highest rates of ROI in all direct marketing channels. With features-capability like dynamic, live and even personalized content, videos and animations, visual call to action, social integration and mobile optimization, Email marketing comprises an important part of the user journey that drives an audience to take actions to become an engaged customer.

mGage email platform is bursting at the seams with innovations, a massive relay capacity of 1 Lakh+ emails an hour, an inbox delivery rate of 98%, higher open and click rates, lower unsubscribe rates, lower spam calls, 99% mobile device, OS and email clients compatibility, and industry leading real-time analytical dashboard access (opens, clicks, geo-location, device type, views, delete) for actionable reporting.

With a team that can help configure the most complex, multi-step, personalized broadcasts and an extensive anaytical dashboard for monitoring and tweaking the campaigns, your customers are in good hands, regardless of the database size and process complexity.

We are the preferred choice of brands / service providers for setting up automated batch email processing with attachments / embedded media for managing invoices, statements, reports, etc made easy and dependable by our industrial strength, fail-proof APIs.

With zero integration effort, your batch email business process can be setup within no time!


With 22 official languages, 150 spoken dialects and a mere 11% English speaking population in India, Voice has proven to be the most effective channel to break the social, literacy, regional and language barriers and penetrate the urban, tier 2, tier 3 and rural population on a large scale.

Our Voice products and solution enables enterprise businesses to interact and engage with their customers with both inbound and outbound voice capabilities.

  • We do about 360+ million billing pulse per month
  • 5000+ PRI and SIP Channels
  • Telco Partners connects with 15,000+ Channels
  • Multiple Operator (Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Tata and Aircel) Connects and Infra (PRI, SIP, VN, TFN)
  • Redundant setup spread across multiple DC locations
  • Multilingual content support
  • Text-To-Speech (TTS) support
  • Real-time reporting dashboard and analytics

Out of India’s massive 500+ million mobile users, only 33.4% are smartphone users, a mere 16% are digitally literate, 39% live in tier 2 / tier 3 cities, and a whopping 82% of new mobile and internet users are vernacular users (whose primary language is NOT english)*. (*source: Google, NASSCOM and IDC)

mGage’s voice platform is an enterprise tool of choice for bypassing these language and literacy barriers and tapping this massive media-compromised market and tier 2 / tier 3 cities with localized and customized content, in a language your audience understands and relates to.

Provide personal touch to customers with transactional and promotional voice broadcasting services. Easily create, schedule and broadcast simple or customized voice campaigns either through mGage Voice Broadcast Campaign Manager UI or direct APIs. View or receive detailed reports and real-time analytics on reporting panel or over API.

Voting and polling is a pre-call notification (PCN) or missed call based product that allows your customers to participate and register their votes at zero cost. The product is highly recommended for television reality shows, branding or marketing campaigns that operates on voting mechanism.

Voice initiated polling is one of the most successful forms of audience participation undertaken in cases of a larger audience pools and for achieving better participation ratio because of the immediacy of a voice call.

Our top-of-the-line voice platforms are able to handle large volumes, traffic spikes and up to 2 lacs+ calls in single minute without a hiccup or call drops.

Call bridging solution ensures confidentiality and security of customers. It allows call patch between 2 parties without revealing their actual number. Add authentication mechanism (PIN) to identify the participants.


  • Local circle no provisioning with 1 Lacs+ deliveries handled per day
  • Increase in call connect % as most of the calls are locally routed
  • Higher uptime as central application dependency is taken care off
  • Solution provisioned on unique 10 digit CLI for Incoming / Outgoing calls
  • mRadio an Entertainment driven mobile voice engagement platform which allows brands to intersperse ads with the content at regular intervals. It can be used to create an alternate cost effective channel for connecting with customers in rural, semi-rural areas.

    Content inventory with Bollywood and Regional Songs, Astrology and Devotional contents, Jokes and humor content etc.


  • A unique 10 digit MSISDN for all engagement activities for HIGHER BRAND RECALL
  • Free of cost and on the fly entertainment for consumers
  • Cost effective communication medium
  • No literacy barrier
  • Rural markets can be targeted
  • Hosted centralized IVRs platform. Enable customized or pre-defined IVRs solution over Inbound or Outbound calling. Host IVRs on 10 digit Virtual number or Toll-Free number TFN. Use same 10 digit CLI for inbound as well as outbound.

    Audio conference solution also popularly known as Bridge is used to set-up multi people conferences of an Enterprise with internal teams, vendor and customers spread across geographically.


  • Reservation less conference
  • Free-of-cost Conference Call Recording
  • Advance Call management features
  • Domestic Dial-In & Out and International Dial-In facility
  • Retrieve conference recording anytime on your mobile
  • The Ubiquitous Missed Call has proven to be the most attractive Call-to-Action option with the highest engagement rate for the cost-conscious, dominantly pre-paid mobile user population of India.

    With 15+ million calls handled every month as the point of initiation of millions of multi-channel user journeys, we extend the no-cost-to-end-user advantage to a wide spectrum of customized campaigns.

    Controls the risk of online scams through One Time Password authentication mechanism. Phone/User verification is also applied in cases where text / email verification is not feasible (feature phones, regional languages) and when an instant authentication is required. Our versatile OTP APIs can be configured to achieve maximum delivery and authentication success rates with minimal wait time.

    Trigger One Time Password over voice on SMS delivery failures to increase OTP delivery rate.

    Enhance customer service by supporting customers through the entire service journey. m-Insight supports functionality for inbound, outbound and missed call feedback management through voice contents and various IVR features.

    Use the power of m-Insights to connect and engage users in non-literate, vernacular, feature phone using, rural and semi-rural population. The sheer simplicity of answering a call and punching buttons in response to questions, with its massive reach across regions, across device types and across demographics makes this the most powerful option for collecting feedback and surveys to enhance user profilation.

    Multi-language capabilities and near total network coverage, thanks to our extensive network of carrier partners ensure your reach is instant, clear and wide.

    Allow your customers to connect with you through any channel. Click2Talk bridges the gap between you and your customers, especially when your customer is lost on your website or e-mailers or mobile apps.

    Easy to setup and guaranteed to work across platforms, devices, browsers, apps, OSs, our Click2Talk APIs let your customers engage with you from wherever they are, with zero chances of abandoning and instant connect from any channels.

    Helpful for servicing companies where they don’t want to reveal both the parties number. Local circle no provisioning with 1 Lacs+ deliveries handled per day.


    mGages ACTON platform is a unified intelligent platform that allows businesses to make workflows on the fly, collaborate and communicate over various channels. The workflows are easy to deploy rather than spends weeks and months integrating with various legacy or New Age databases using traditional platforms.

    The Platform is a unified platform that combines features of Enterprise Service Bus, Business process management Engine in the cloud and a messenger platform that engages users with rich and actionable notifications. The workflows that are deeply connected across various databases, have document storage capability and the users can also create workflows on the fly once the databases are integrated. The platform is highly secure to take care of all Financial transactions and is highly light weight and scalable. Transactions with forms, documents etc can be processed at an avg rate of 4000-5000 Tps.

    This platform also allows creation of a secure and private medium to form professional workgroups where you can share ideas and tasks among a closed user groups, build and consume process apps, respond to tasks on mobile and make big data actionable.

    • Supports Rich Media
    • Messaging platform can be used for various used cases for revenue, information, polling, contests
    • Segmentation by (Location & Tagging)
    • Personalization & Social Integration
    • Autopush or defined schedules
    • Huge Volume – Scalable to millions for PUSH and PULL
    • Forms upload and Deeplinks to complex workflows
    • Campaign manager with a very versatile UI
    • Deep Insights and Reports tracking various customer milestones, profiles

    Call for ACTION that can be changed with every notification and related to outcome, These buttons can be ‘Like’, ‘Share’, ‘Call’, ‘Chat’, ‘Buy’ etc

    These buttons can also be used to -

    • Answer a question, participate in a poll, rate your program or write review comments using our messenger chat
    • Deliver multi-lingual messages with buttons of your choice
    • Post multi-media promo messages and ad-free video capsules
    • Share the content, download, copy, watch etc
    • Profile audience participation - date wise, day wise, hour wise, post wise, based on age, gender, location
    • No investment in software or server – Cloud based, highly scalable

    The platform can used for creating surveys on the fly for capturing voice of customer at various touch points of customers – it can vary from retail store experience or online buying experience, call centre or installation experience.

    These surveys can be triggered by CRM integration or for every POS interaction. The results of the survey can be seen in real time on a dashboard with the phone number of your detractors and promoters.

    The platform has the APIs to connect to Payment Gateway providers for seamless buying experience from the notifications itself. We can also integrate with the client payment as well.

    ACTON provides a secure and private medium to form purposeful professional workgroups or to share ideas and tasks securely among a closed group of people.You can choose to have restricted groups and discussions. Group members can also exercise an option to reply privately and all this can be instantly notified on users mobile, making them respond from their mobile as well.

    The ACTON platform allows intelligent process execution which acquires data from various integrated databses and applies information to execute another desire d outcome. These process can be executed on the fly saving thousands of dollars for business in change request and valuable time in complex integrations. In the complexity of real world and its changing economic environment, our platform allows businesses to change the business logic for these processes to achieve the desired results.